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    Welcome Prisoners!

    This guide is to help everyone who is starting out on Cosmic Prisons!

    It is fairly simple on how to join the server, type the IP CosmicPrisons.com into the server address box when on the multiplayer section​

    Once you join the server, its time to head to the coal mines and start your journey! On every planet the coal and iron mines will be NorthWest of spawn, You jump down from spawn, follow the path that goes North West and then start punching coal with your fists until you hit mining level 10. You can sell your ores at the ore exchanger found in the shop at spawn, which you can teleport to using /shop. Rank 2+ has access to the /sellhand | /sellall commands. Mining and selling ores are the main way of obtaining currency. Once you hit level 10 you will be able to use a wooden pickaxe, which you can begin mining Iron with. As you mine, your pickaxe will obtain energy, which can be used to enchant.​

    Once any item (Armor, Pickaxes, Swords/Axes, Satchels) is full with Cosmic Energy, you can enchant it at the enchant portal found in spawn. To enchant an item, press Q and throw the item into the portal (make sure to be close enough to the portal) and you will begin to see floating enchant orbs come out of the portal with their success / fail rates. Click on the orb that you desire, your item will fly up into the sky, and come back down either with a new enchant or just levelled up. If your enchant fails, your item level will still increase but you will not get the enchant. If you are applying a enchant orb to an item, get the item to 100% energy, throw the item in, and throw the enchant orb into the portal. For a complete list of enchants, type /enchants in game or look at this guide here.

    Cells are one of the most useful resources in Prisons. With a cell, you can store items in chests and place cell generators to mine ores in your cell. You can place Cell guards inside of your cell to attack raiders, you can apply any enchanted gear to these cell guards (must be tiered to the same level as the guard i.e simple-leather uncommon-gold etc…) but keep in mind the gear will break and you must repair it. Along with the guards, you can place doors in your cell to slow down raiders, as they must break the doors to gain access to the inside of your cell to kill the guards easier. To raid a cell, you must kill all of the cell guards before being able to steal anything from the inside of the cell. Cells require rent, which is taken out of the owner's balance weekly. If you could not afford your cell rent on the day it was due, you have a 3 day grace period before your cell goes up for sale. You can pay your rent anytime during this grace period with /cell payrent. To access players to your cell, you do /cell allow [IGN] or you can access your gang with /cell gang on/off. A cell can only be raided by the same tier of armour that the highest tier cell guard is able to wear. If you place a godly guard in a T5 cell, diamond armoured players will be able to raid the cell. If you put simple guards in a T3 cell, players will still be able to raid the cell with chainmail gear due to the cell being a T3 cell. It is recommended you use the same tier guard as your cell (i.e simple-T5, uncommon-T4, etc…) ​

    Helpful Commands
    Some of the main commands you will be using as a prisoner are as follows​
    • /spawn
    • /sethome
    • /delhome
    • /homelist
    • /withdraw
    • /sethome
    • /pv
    • /msg
    • /dnd
    • /ignore
    • /trade
    • /enchants
    • /staff
    • /servers
    Gangs are prisons form of a faction, A group of players teamed up that can form alliances and enemies. For a list of commands for gangs, type /gang help in-game. You can invite 15 players to your gang. You can give any one of your gang members moderator access, which can invite and kick members, and truce/enemy other gangs. You can see a list of gang upgrades by typing /g upgrade in-game.​

    PVP Zones
    The entire map is PVP enabled, you could technically hit someone in the iron mine if you wish, but it is not recommended because we have 4 types of Prisons Security in our prisons

    Wardens - Typically found near spawn and near the beginner mine, impossible to kill.

    Enforcers - Typically found in the lapis/Prismarine mine/Refinery mine. Hard to kill.

    Guards - Typically found in high tier mines or around the map in meteor spots. Can be killed with ease.

    Hitman - Found only in the nightmare mine, deals a lot of knockback damage and can be killed.

    Your items do not drop if you get killed by a warden. The act of “Sui’ing” is when a group of players manages to kill you when you are mining near/next to a guard while getting themselves killed in the process.​

    NPC Shops

    There are many NPC’s that are located in each planets spawn.

    Cell shops
    • Craftsman - Sells coloured glass/clay for use in cells.
    • Carpenter - Sells wood block types, cell doors, and cell guards for use in cells.
    • Ore Generators - Sells ore generators/crude ore for use in cells.
    • Greensman - Sells natural type blocks, including water buckets for use in cells.
    • Mason - Sells stone type blocks and Redstone type for use in cells.
    • Prospector - Sells Miscellaneous blocks, including slime blocks for use in cells.
    • Weaver - Sells wool type blocks, including banners for use in cells.
    Other shops
    • Ore Exchanger - Sell your ores here
    • Quest Master - Displays your current quests
    • Black Market - Opens the Auction House
    • Chef - Buy food items here
    • Blacksmith - Buy low tier gear/pickaxes/swords here
    • Prestige - Prestige your pickaxe here
    • Master Miner’s Shop (75+) - Buy super secret cool items here
    The different tiers of the staff are as follows…

    Helper - Basically a Jr. Mod, handles chat offences and scamming reports.
    Mod - Middle class of staff, handles chat offences, bans the bad guys, and does ban reports.
    Ban Team - Senior staff, has access to many commands but cannot play. Main job to ban hackers.
    Admins - The big guys. They handle all aspects of the server such as ban appeals, purchase helps, and major bugs.

    To see which staff are online you can use the command /staff
    Note: You will not be able to see BanTeam+ on /staff

    The Teamspeak is the main communication centre for Cosmic Prisons. Anyone can join for support from staff, to talk to other players, and most importantly, to have fun. The teamspeak IP is ts.cosmicprisons.com​

    If you are already reading this, you probably know about the forums, but the forums is the main place for the community to talk about all things happening on the server, to make ban reports, and to get help from staff members. To register on the forums you must type /register in-game.​
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