Greetings Prisoners!

Boy has it been a busy week with the release of the brand new cells the staff team has been hard at work! Here is what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot this afternoon!
  • Cells & Raiding
  • July /cc
  • 40% Off Sale!
Cells & Raiding
We have made many changes over the past 7 days to cells! Here is a list of all the fixes and tweaks we have done:​

Bug Fixes:
  • +1 Cell Guard /g upgrade not registering sometimes
  • Guard levels for attributes showing incorrectly on the GUI
  • Exploit where players could tp to cells in gear over the limit
  • Guards can no longer be whitescrolled
  • Guards can no longer be blackscrolled
  • Cell Guards sometimes stacking
  • /home into cell areas sometimes tping players on top of cells
  • Optimizations to planet boots with cells
  • Inspector streamlining
  • Guards in Medium Security Cells holding stone swords instead of gold
  • ./help updated to reflect the new cells
  • Potted plants and banners will no longer magically disappear from cells
  • We have updated the /c map to show different colours for each and every guard to help you differentiate between each one!
  • Cell Guards now protect the ground they are standing on
  • Raiders will not be able to place blocks in a cell until all guards in a cell have been killed (You will still be able to mine blocks in none protected areas just not place)
Now for the answer to the question you have all been asking! “Slayer when will raiding be enabled?!?!?!” Starting with Ulu at 4PM CST we will be steadily enabling raiding planet by planet. Keep an eye on this post here as I will be updating it as we start...​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 29th installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Another two weeks have passed by so quickly and that means its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Beach Party in a raided cell!

@ItsPluto brings us a hilarious video of him and his gang on the Sahara Planet doing a makeover on a raided cell. The first time I watched this video I was almost crying from laughter! Its a must watch from this week's Community Column be sure to check it out!


Update Madness!

This week was the release of the Cosmic Cells Update which came along with the new guard enchantment system. Minutes after players had access to their cell claim they were able to begin customising their guards. The screenshot below captures a glimpse of the madness of everyone enchanting their guards all at once!



Early bird gets the worm!

@Mekzz is back again this week from the Sovereign Planet swooping in on an unexpecting victim trying to setup his new cell. I feel bad for the guy that lost his guards, but this is prisons, life tough out there. Be sure to check out the video below for a great reaction to some juicy loot!


2 Godset Kills!

@Sal__ from the Sovereign Planet brings us a shorter clip this week of 2 diamond godset kills...

Greetings Prisoners!

The time is finally upon us! After months of development and testing the "Big Update" is rolling out! If you have yet to read the post detailing the update then what are you doing reading this one! You can read the post by clicking here

Make sure you also read this post here about the changes we made in regards to Cell Guards dropping on death! Many of you have been asking "What time is my planet getting the update!!" "How long will the update take!!" "Slayer will I be guaranteed a cell if I already had one?!?!" "Slayer how many new cells are you adding??!?"
Voucher only cells
Each planet will have enough cells reserved for players who previously owned a cell which means that every single player who owned a cell before the update went live will be guaranteed a cell when this update goes live. Cells that are reserved for players who previously owned a cell will show like this on the /cells menu:​

Beta Release
To start off we will be beta testing the addition of extra cells on each planet to make sure that the addition of so many extra cells along with the size increase does not have a detrimental effect to the servers performance. As such we will be implementing the following limitations:
Tier 4 Cells: 556 Voucher Only Cells (All previous T5 & T4 Cell owners) + 44 Extra cells available
Tier 3 Cells: 28 Voucher Only Cells (All previous T3 Cell Owners) + 32 extra cells available
Tier 2 Cells: 10...
Greetings Prisoners!
As you all know this week’s update is astronomical, and change can be unsettling, that said, we have been looking through your comments and concerns about the impact on Cell Guards and we empathize with you, so we’ve decided to make a change!

With the new update we have agreed, Cell Guards will NOT drop on death; however, this does not mean that there won’t be an impact on the Guard or your cell protection.

When a Cell Guard is killed it will lose ⅓ of ALL of its attributes and will have a chance to drop some of the energy used to level it up. The amount of energy dropped with be random and could be as little as nothing or as much as 50%!

Once the raiders have left your cell and your cell has been left dormant from raiders for 5 minutes your Cell Guards will then respawn!

We think this is a more balanced approach considering the time and energy investment you have to make in your guards. That said, this is only the beginning, new features, facets, and experiences are in store. Be ready :)
Greetings Prisoners!

The time has come, a complete revamp, update, upgrade, and shake up of all things Cells on Cosmic Prisons! So grab some popcorn and settle in because this long-awaited update is a doozy!
  • Cell Build Revamp and New Tiers
  • Claiming Your New Cell
  • Cease Fire
  • Cell Warps
  • New Level Requirements, Door Limitations & Guard Limitations
  • Limitations on Gear
  • Guards updated

Cell Build Revamp

That’s right boys n girls, you’ve asked for it and it’s finally here! No more having to slink through narrow hallways or filling the entirety of your cell with ore generators! We’ve made it so you can have the best of both worlds, the real question is what will you do with ALL THAT SPACE?!?!​

Prison cells have been completely redone sporting a huge upgrade in size and availability
Low Security (Tier 4) - 36x36x36
Medium Security (Tier 3) - 48x48x48
High Security (Tier 2) - 60x60x60
Maximum Security (Tier 1) - 72x72x84
VIP - 96x96x120
That’s right, Tier 5 has been phased out to make way for these beasts boasting more space for all your design and ore generation needs! Those currently in Tier 5 cells will be upgraded to Tier 4 automatically!

Take a gander at all that space!
Greetings Prisoners!

Many things are going off behind the scenes of Prisons right now but we couldn't leave you without your weekly update now, could we! Here's what you have to look forward to live on your planets now:
  • 2 New Enchant Max Levels
  • /tinkerer
  • Mystery /cc
  • QOL
  • 30% Off Sale!
2 New Enchant Max Levels
These new enchants are actually higher level of existing enchants but come packing a punch!
They are also only obtainable through the Mystery Man Token Shop!​

Name: Enlighted
Type: Armour
Max Level: 4
Rarity: Legendary

Enlighted has a chance of healing a percentage amount of damage received by an attacker.​

Name: Momentum
Type: Pickaxe
Max Level: 6
Rarity: Legendary
Momentum gives the user an increase in mining speed over time based on the amount of time they have continually mined for. Now many players have been saying that Momentum 6 will give you a 60% speed boost at max level, this isn't true. At max Momentum 6 will give you a 75% increase in your mining speed.​

/tinkerer is a brand new command that allows players Rank 2+ to use the tinkerer from any location. However, this command has a combat tag system to prevent players from using it in the wrong places. If you were hit in the past 10 seconds you will be unable to run the command.
Mystery /cc
That's right for this weekend only we are releasing the Mystery /cc on the server store once again! Make sure to grab this while you can!...​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 28th installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Another two weeks have passed by so quickly and that means its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Cosmic Prisons Mythbusters!

@XsSlayeR3 brings us the very first Cosmic Prisons Mythbuster Installments! Ever heard rumours of players going villain due to custom enchants? Or heard a conspiracy theory that cactus can cause villain! Well FEAR NOT Detective Slayer is on the case!

Raiding Story Time!

This week the Sovereign Planet had a very large, controversial and rich raid go down. There was a mix of emotions of joy, anger, salt and frustration. Some players were mad, some happy, some heartbroken and some just wanted to get their hands on the oh so precious Tinkerer NPC inside the cell they were raiding. The second the cell went raidable everyone made a mad dash to try and swoop it up!



Diamond Godset Bait!

@Captainnn is back again this week from the Sovereign Planet showcasing the importance of teamwork and coordination when it comes to pvp. They make quick work of an unexpecting enemy who gets trapped with no teammates for backup!

Be warned, the following video contains minor inappropriate language and is NSFW.


Watered Cell Gank!

Greetings Prisoners!

If you haven't noticed by now then you have been living under a rock but the countdown has begun! The "Big Update" has been long awaited but it is finally happening! If you haven't seen it already then make sure you take a look by clicking here to see the countdown! Now here is what you guys have to look forward to tonight for this weeks update!
  • /help
  • QOL
  • 25% Off Sale!
Cosmic Prisons is not the easiest server to grasp from the start and we recognise that! With this new /help menu players will be able learn all the basics of the server in one area! Here are all the basic areas that the new /help covers!
Loot Filter
  • The Cosmic Announcer has been completely removed
  • Meteor & Shower alerts have undergone a makeover
  • /spawn countdown has undergone a makeover
In celebration of this weeks update, we are throwing a 25% Off Sale on the Server Store all weekend long!
Greetings Prisoners!

Surprise! Mid-week update coming at yea! We have been working on hard on fixing some issues as well as a long time requested feature for the Cosmic Client! Here is what you have to look forward to once your planet reboots this evening!
  • Cosmic Client 2.0.10
  • Bug Fixes
Cosmic Client 2.0.10
Here is an update that you meteorite hunters are going to love! Live now on the Cosmic Client is the ability to show the entity counter in your HUD Information mod! This has been a highly requested feature for the CC and thanks to the hard work of @melsha it is finally here!
Bug Fixes
  • Midnight Walk IV now correctly shows the amount of time required to complete it
  • When a player dies to inferno the kill will be correctly credited to the player whos inferno it was instead of the last player to hit them with a weapon
  • Known to most people as the "Villain Glitch" (Becoming incorrectly villaned due to a custom enchant dealing damage to a player in a guarded area when you were not in a guarded area when you hit them) after hours of testing with many of the staff team this has now been fixed.
Greetings Prisoners!

Another week another update! Let's get into what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today:
  • Summer /qkit
  • New holograms
  • The kill credit bug
  • 25% Off Sale!
Summer /qkit
With Summer fast approaching us, what better theme for a brand new quest kit than the Scorching Summer! This quest kit features over 40 new themed quests along with some hefty mystery man rewards!​

  • Please the Coal Gods: Purchase "X" amount of Coal Gens
  • Applying Sunscreen: (One level only) Wear a full set of Gold for 10 mins
  • Spring into Summer: Hook a player “X” times
  • Thirsty: Kill “X” players in an Outpost
  • Cell guard down!: Kill “X” cell guards
  • My Precious: Loot a contraband from a meteor
  • Heatstroke: (One level only) Drink 3 XP Bottles
  • Late Night Walk: Spend a total of “X” hour in a none guarded zone (Cells do NOT count)
  • Sunburn: Die to fire
  • Pool time: (One level only) Place 50 water in a cell
  • The Floor is Lava: Mine X refined coal ores
  • Praise the sun!: (One level only) Stare at the sky for 60 seconds
  • Sandbox: (One level only) Place a stack of sand in a cell
  • Cashing in: Sell “X” full inventories worth of ores to an outpost retailer
  • Party Time: Open X Simple, “X” Uncommon & X Elite Shards
  • Schools Out: Tinker “X” amount of items at once
New holograms
This week we decided it was time for a change in the color theme of the holograms around spawn! We have decided to try and make them a little more simplistic and not “In your face” with the number of colors going off. Take a look and let us know what you think!​

The kill credit bug
Probably one of the most spoken about bugs in prisons is the one where when killing a...​