Greetings Prisoners!

Things are heating up here in the Prisons world but before all that, we have a sweet update for you! Here is what you guys have to look forward to!
  • Rank revamp
  • 35% Off Sale + 10% Extra Off Ranks!
Rank revamp
It was about time we gave our ranks a nice new coating of perks and here is what you guys can expect to take advantage of from now on!​

Cosmic Energy Gain
From now on Ranked players will have a permanent buff to the amount of Cosmic Energy you gain while mining! Here is a look at the +% you will gain dependant on your rank:
Rank 1: +1% Cosmic Energy Gain
Rank 2: +2% Cosmic Energy Gain
Rank 3: +3% Cosmic Energy Gain
Rank 4: +4% Cosmic Energy Gain
Rank 5: +5% Cosmic Energy Gain​

Increased Wormhole Success Rates
We have all been there, 95% on a Momentum 5 no fails on your pickaxe and no dust to get that last little bit to guarantee the enchant. Worry no more! From now on all ranks have a permanent increase in Wormhole Enchantment Success Rates! The buff will automatically be added before you see the %'s in the wormhole. Here is a look at the %’s you will gain dependant on your rank:
Rank 1: +1% Success Rate
Rank 2: +2% Success Rate
Rank 3: +3% Success Rate
Rank 4: +4% Success Rate
Rank 5: +5% Success Rate​

Updated Rank Kits
We have added a sprinkling of Shards to all Rank Kits! The Shards you receive will be dependant on your Mining Level and the number of Shards possible are as follows:
Rank 1: 5 - 10 Shards
Rank 2: 10 - 15 Shards
Rank 3: 15 - 20 Shards
Rank 4: 20 - 30 Shards
Rank 5: 30 - 40 Shards​

Available to Rank 4+ players /tpa gives you the ability to send a teleport request to...​
Greetings Prisoners!

We have been super busy behind the scenes this week but that isn’t going to stop us from getting that weekly update out for you guys! Here is what you have to look forward to after your nightly reboots today!
  • Gang & Truce Chat Prefixes
  • Bug Fixes & QOL
  • Coming Soon...
  • 30% Off Sale
Gang & Truce Chat Prefixes
While having different colors for the Gang & Truce chats is nice we thought it made sense to add a nice little prefix next to the different chats to differentiate between the two so that’s what we did! Gang Chat messages will now start with [GC] and Truce Chat will start with [TC]​
Bug Fixes & QOL
  • An exploit with Pressure Plates in cells had been fixed
  • An exploit with Ladders in cells had been fixed
  • An issue causing players in 1.13 to get kicked has been mitigated
  • /help meteors has been updated
  • Players will no longer receive the “Unable to locate sign” message when roaming the cell worlds
Coming Soon...
In the distance the cries of war can be heard and only one Prison can be victorious....who will rise above the rest? The battle begins Monday 17th September...

Of course we couldn’t have an update without a scorching sale to go with it! Players can take advantage of a 30% Off Sale on the Server Store all weekend long!
Greetings Prisoners!

What a busy weekend we are having! Sahara has just reset and we aren't about to slow down yet!
  • Heroic Mystery /cc
  • Sahara Adventure!
  • 45% Off Sale
Heroic Mystery /cc
You are going to want to get your hands on this!
Sporting only the best /cc's to ever drop on Prisons you are guaranteed one of this year's cc's from April all the way to the Back 2 School cc that was just released on Thursday!
Sahara Adventure!
Join Logdotzip as his adventure begins on Sahara! Episode 1 has just dropped! Make sure to check it out and follow him on his journey to the top!

In celebration of the Heroic Mystery /cc & the start of a new adventure we have bumped up this weekends sale to 45% Off on the Server Store!
Greetings Prisoners!

We have decided to do a reset on all staff applications! This means that for those of you who have made an application for staff in the past and are still interested will need to re-apply!

If you have yet to apply for staff but are interested in doing so you may find the application form here on the forums!

Best of luck to you all and may the odds be ever in your favour!
Greetings Cosmonauts!

What a busy week it has been and Sahara’s reset is just around the corner! Let’s get right into it!!
  • Back 2 School /cc
  • Updated /fund
  • Bug & QOL Updates
  • 30% Off Sale
Back 2 School /cc
The biggest and baddest /cc to ever drop on Prisons is here!​
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacked with only the best loot you are guaranteed the following: Custom Title, 5-10 Enchant Re-Rolls, 60-100 Godly Shards, 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 Cosmic Energy, 2 random Gkit Flares, 3-4 White Scrolls, a Mid Tier Rank, Back 2 School 2017 Cosmic Crate and you will also receive one of the following bonus items: Satchel (tiered to your mining level), 5,000,000 Cosmic Energy or 1-2 Mystery Cosmic Crates.

Updated /fund
As you know we are always looking at ways to improve the /fund and this week we are implementing the following changes taking effect from Sahara’s reset!
Meteors - 2.5m
Rankkits - 13m
Meteorites - 20m
Gkits - 30m

Bug & QOL Updates
  • Showcase expansions are now in Ultimate+ contrabands
  • Players will no longer get enchant meteorite quests
  • You can now /block an entire gang by executing the command /g block GANGNAME
To celebrate the release of the Back 2 School /cc we are throwing a 30% Off Sale on the server store all weekend long!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 33rd installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Another two weeks have passed by so quickly and that means its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Enchantment Calculator Discord Bot

@Majorblake has put alot of effort into making an awesome enchanting tool for all players to use! This tool allows you to easily enter what item you'd like to enchant and will tell you the exact amount of energy required. A very handy tool for working on your godset or levelling up your guards! Big shoutout to Majorblake and this excellent tool he has made for everyone!

Be sure to check out the forums post here : https://www.cosmicprisons.com/forum/index.php?threads/33203/

Which also includes a detailed explanation and guide on how to install the bot to your own discord server!


Spontaneous Conga Line!?!

@_KKona was just minding his business when all of a sudden players broke out into dance at spawn. Taking a quick break from mining, they started a near perfect conga line at spawn! Who woulda thought to see dancing on prisons! Be sure to give it a watch below its hilarious!


1v5 Godset Escape!

@Ryan_the_Boss_10 is a well known player here on the CCC with his awesome pvp clips and he's back at it again this week with another one. This time he's running for his life from 5 enemies whilst being villain! What are the chances he can survive and get away? Check it out below!...
Greetings Prisoners!

With Sahara Planet's reset fast approaching I figured I would post the details for you all today!
What you will keep
What you will lose
Video Montage
Final Day of Carnage
Reset Time

What will be kept after reset:
Ranks (Yes even those won from crates & CC’s)
PV & Home Expansions

What will be lost after reset:
Cash balance
Inventory & Private Vaults
Mining Levels

Video Montage Competition
Don't forget we have a competition running for you players on Sahara with an awesome prize of a custom /title! Below are the details you need to know in case you want to enter!

We all have some great memories from Map 3 of Sahara and we figured what better way to show than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever on Sahara yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!

You can submit your montage on this thread here and it can also be found pinned under general.

Note the video must be 10 minutes or less and follow the rules of the server!

Once the submission time has ended a new post will be posted and pinned under general where all the submission will be found and you will have 72 hours to vote on your favourite montage!​

Final Day of Carnage
So I am sure you are all excited to see what is in store for Saharan on the final day of Map 3 I certainly know I am! On the final day players will receive access to the final /resetkit (An insanely OP level 30 set of gear!) Drop parties, meteors and who knows what else the Admins/Owners come up with! Then finally...​
Greetings Prisoners!

Join me in welcoming Logdotzip who has decided to take on the Prisons challenge and attempt to take his gang to the top! It's been a busy time here on Prisons and things aren't about to slow down! You have been asking for it and it is finally here Sahara’s reset!

Now we couldn’t just say goodbye to map 3 without giving it a proper Prisons send off! To do this we have a bunch of awesome stuff lined up for you guys over the next few days starting Monday 27th August!​

Admin Events
Reset Kits
Video montage competition
and who knows what else the Owners and Admins will come up with ;)

Admin Events
Admin Events will happen throughout the week, from parkours to cat n mouse to meteors and whatever else we may come up with!​

Reset Kits
Reset kits are there to spice things up in the final few days of Sahara! Available to all players every 5 minutes you will be able to get yourself a set of OP gear (tiered to your level so that you are capable of wearing it of course) getting more OP every single day leading up to the reset! You will be able to access this gear through /resetkit starting from Tuesday!​

Video Montage Competition
We all have some great memories from Map 3 of Sahara and we figured what better way to show this than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever on Sahara yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!​

You can submit your montage on this thread...​
Greetings Prisoners!

We have a lot to go through in today's update so let's get right into it!
  • New Meteorite Showers
  • Peaceful Mining
  • Gift Cards on Sale with Limited Edition Bonus!
  • Bug Fixes & QOL
  • 35% Off Sale
New Meteorite Showers
Yes, you heard me correctly! We have reworked the Meteorite Showers! You will not want to miss these bad boys! Occurring every 20 - 25 Minutes XP Showers are going to be replacing the old Meteorite Showers from now on, do not worry! Meteorites will still be falling from the sky as they normally do!​

These Showers are tiered just like your XP Bottles except these bad boys will not affect your daily XP Limit! These meteorites will spawn in batches of up to 15 each shower with each meteorite bursting with XP! Simply mine it up to gain its rewards!
Level 10 - 29: Simple Tier
Level 30 - 49: Uncommon Tier
Level 50 - 69: Elite Tier
Level 70 - 89: Ultimate Tier
Level 90 - 99: Legendary Tier
Level 100+: Godly Tier
Simple, Uncommon & Elite Tiered Showers when occurring will take place at their respective mines (Iron, Lapis & Redstone) Whereas Ultimate, Legendary & Godly tier showers can happen anywhere around the map!​

Peaceful Mining
Today we finally released the long-awaited Peaceful Mining mod on the Cosmic Client! We have all been in that situation, trying to grind out some levels and then that one player comes along and tries to block you ruining your grind! Worry no more! With the Peaceful Mining mod this will be a thing of the past!​
When holding a pickaxe players within your line of sight will become see-through and give you the ability to mine straight through them! Stop holding the pickaxe and everything will go back to normal!​

To enable Peaceful Mining on the Cosmic Client...​
Greetings Prisoners!

What a busy week it has been and Valrons reset is just around the corner! Let’s get right into it!!
  • Meteorite Changes
  • /fund update
  • 40% Off Sale
Meteorite Changes
We are always looking at how we can improve all that stuff that falls from the sky and what better way to do that than to give you more to mine! After today’s reboots Enchant Meteorites & Natural Meteorites (Meteorites that spawn as a specific ore/ore block) have been retired and will now spawn as quartz meteorites instead! (All quests related to enchant meteorites have also been removed!)​

/fund update
Today with Valrons reset we are also introducing an updated version of our /fund with some much-needed additions and targets! This update will take effect on planets when they reset! (Note: All types of flares including Meteor Flares will work as normal even before the /fund is completed)
We have also added some juicy rewards for the top 5 funders of each new target! The rewards include:
Perm /gkit Beacons
Godly Contrabands
/gkit flares
And much more….​

Of course, we couldn’t have a reset without a sale! Players can take advantage of a 40% Off Sale all weekend long on the server store!