Today we will be resetting the saves, cells, and all data related to the alpha. We apologize if this is something you were not looking forward to but it is our goal to test out many different variations of experience rates and view the effects of game changes.

Big changes
  • Mining XP has been nerfed heavily, you will notice this right away :(
  • Market duplication has been fixed
  • The border is fixed (so no one can venture out anymore...)
  • Guards are now much more relaxed when it comes to fighting back towards an aggressor
  • Sword damage has been changed dramatically
  • Cells now actually store items you put in a chest properly
  • Karma is now fully operable
  • Shop & cell prices tuned
NOTICE: Alpha Access rank will be on sale for 12 hours starting at the reset time! (5 PM EST - 5 AM EST)

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to see you on the server soon!

- Joe
Yeah, so prisons is here. Months and months and months later and it's here.

Welcome to the forums, let's hang. Right now it's super all over the place (and honestly a huge mess)- but that's okay. We are woking on building an awesome team of people to have on this server. Looking forward to working with you guys to make this #1.

I am going to try and write up a nice little post about Prisons that will include:

1) The lore / story behind this idea
2) Where we see it going
3) What we want to see in the future
4) all that banta

But for now I have to go mine and take care of some things.

Looking forward to giving you all the L soon.
(♥ω♥ )︵L