Greetings Prisoners!

This is just a quick post to let you know that Contrabands & Shards have now been disabled on Sovereign to prevent players from Pre-Purchasing either of them to then /claim after the planet has reset.

They will be re-enabled on Sovereign planet sometime after reset!
Greetings Prisoners!

It's been a busy time here on Prisons and things aren't about to slow down! You have been asking for it and it is finally here Sovereign’s first reset!

Now we couldn’t just say goodbye to map 1 without giving it a proper Prisons send off! To do this we have a bunch of awesome stuff lined up for you guys over the next few days starting Tuesday 19th September!​

Admin Events
Reset Kits
Video montage competition
and who know what else the Owners and Admins will come up with :)

Admin Events
Admin Events will happen throughout the week, from parkours to cat n mouse to meteors and whatever else we may come up with!​

Reset Kits
Reset kits are there to spice things up in the final few days of Sovereign! Available to all players every 5 minutes you will be able to get yourself a set of OP gear (tiered to your level so that you are capable of wearing it of course) getting more OP every single day leading up to the reset! You will be able to access this gear through /resetkit starting from Tuesday!​

Video Montage Competition
We all have some great memories from Map 1 of Sovereign and we figured what better way to show than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever on Sovereign yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!​

You can submit your montage on this thread here and it can also be found pinned under general.​

Note the video must be 10...​
Greetings Prisoners!

This week has been super busy for the staff team and I cannot wait to get into what we have in store for you this week so let's get right into things!

  • Cell updates
  • New Enchants
  • Bug Fixes & QOL Updates

Cell updates

The staff team has been working hard to make cells fairer and properly reflect the tier they are. With this, we have made some changes to the guards commonly used in Tier 1, 2 and VIP cells. Following today's reboots, you will notice the following changes.​

Ultimate Guards: Damage dealt by these guards has been changed to better reflect Tier 2 cells.​

Legendary Guards: Health & Defence has been changed to better reflect Tier 1 Cells.​

Godly Guards: Health & Defence has been changed to better reflect VIP Cells.​

New Enchants

We have got a bunch of new enchants for you this week! For the next 7 days, you will only be able to obtain these enchants from the Mysterious Man!​

Respiration - Helmet - Max Level 3
Extends the amount of time you can breathe underwater!

Depth Strider - Boots - Max Level 3
Run in water!

- Helmet - Max Level 3
Has a chance with every tick of fire damage to put out the fire!

- Armor - Max Level 3
A chance to block an enemy's enchant from Proccing!


Magnetism - Pickaxe - Max Level 5
Draws richer ores closer towards the ore you are mining!
(Must be level 5 to work on Emeralds!)​

Fracture is also getting an upgrade in terms of its rarity and is now an Ultimate enchant to better suit just how good of an enchant it is!
Greetings Prisoners!

We have decided to do a reset on all staff applications! This means that for those of you who have made an application for staff in the past and are still interested will need to re-apply!

If you have yet to apply for staff but are interested in doing so you may find the application form here on the forums!

Best of luck to you all and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Its that time of the week again, to see what the community has been up to and share some amazing highlights to you folks!

In this week's CCC we have got a player made Cosmic Prisons Trailer , a close call godset fight , player vs enforcer and the meme of the week!

Cosmic Prisons Trailer - Player Made

Check out this awesome Trailer

Thankyou to PRO_SLAYERS for spending the time to make a trailer for cosmic prisons. He has showcased the best aspects of cosmic and has done some great editing, check it out below!

Insane PVP action!

Close Call Godset Fight!

Mekkz back this week continuing his series on the valron planet shows us some great diamond pvp towards the end of his video. Around 15mins in he has an epic fight with one of his enemies and gets SO close to scooping up a free godset!

Can you kill an enforcer?

This question has been around for some time and some players are courageous enough to put it to the test! Watch here as a player kills an enforcer making it look easy. The question is , would you try it?

Meme of the Week!

Cosmic Prisons Memes

So heres something new I would love to keep going! Having a meme of the week sumbitted by the community. On top of any media or cool events you guys sumbit id also love it for some freshly baked memes to be sent in!


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Want to show off your own clips, memes or anything for...
Greetings Prisoners,

The past few weeks have been packed full of new updates and bug fixes so I thought I would take some time to recap everything that has happened!

Updates & Releases
  • Ban Team
  • Overhead Changes
  • /stats
  • [raids]
  • /jet combat tag
  • Satchels
  • Rank Kits
  • Rank Kit changes
  • /pulse
  • 4 New Enchants
  • Colossus GKit
  • August CC
  • /meteortimer
  • Falling Contrabands
  • Meteor Hologram
  • Cell Expiration Timer
  • /generators
  • Kill trackers
  • Item Name Tag Confirmation
  • Raiding Updates
  • Powerball Revamp
  • /g tag
  • The Quest Master & Mysterious Man
  • Back 2 School CC
  • Changes to /sellhand
  • /sellall
  • /option gangrequests
  • Price per XP for XP bottles on /ah
  • /option killstealth
  • Chat message when depositing money notes
  • Stack money notes
  • Borders for all 4 planets
  • Global notifications when a player mines a GKit
  • Link to the server store on the forums
  • Energy from shards buffed
  • New Adrenaline Particles
  • Faster meteorites for GKits
  • /rules updated
  • Chat spam mitigation
  • Cosmic Announcer
  • Whitescroll Satchels
Bug Fixes
  • Skull drop fix
  • /f global was not disabling kill messages this is now fixed
  • Dying to an aoe enchant was not crediting the kill correctly this is now fixed...
Greetings Prisoners!

To say this week has been busy for the staff team would be an understatement! I cannot wait to get into what we have in store for you this week!

  • The Quest Master & Mysterious Man
  • Back 2 School Cosmic Crate
  • Raiding fixes
  • Changes to /sellhand
  • QOL & Bug Fixes
  • 30% Off Sale!

The Quest Master & Mysterious Man

This brings a whole new aspect to Prisons and your day to day life as a prisoner! The Mysterious Man will arrive at your /spawn every Friday at 6PM CST and will be there for 24 hours only! He will sell an amazing variety of OP goodies for you to get your hands on! From Gear & Shards to Exclusive Titles and even Satchels!

What makes The Mysterious Man even more unique is that every player will be offered different items each week and the amount of items he offers is dependant on your mining level! His shop will contain 6 items at level 1 mining and will increase by 1 every 5 mining levels! For example a level 20 player will have 10 items available to purchase (6+(20/5)4) and a level 50 player will have 16 items available (6+(50/5)10)! Note: For those of you who are level 103+ you will have a bonus additional item in the shop!​

Now The Mysterious Man has no interest in our currency and only deals in Cosmic Tokens! To gain these tokens you must complete quests! Each week you will receive a certain amount of quests dependant on your mining level:​

Mining level 1: 3 quests
Mining level 10: 4 quests
Mining level 30: 5 quests
Mining level 50: 6 quests
Mining level 70: 7 quests
Mining level 90: 8 quests
Mining level 103: 9 quests

Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Another week , another CCC. We have some awesome things happening this week and some even more amazing things coming!

In this week's CCC we have got major salt from the community , some OP raids , killing a guard with a wood sword and a community designed texture pack!

The Salt Intensifies!

Where is the content? Salt!

Over the past few weeks players have become frustrated that we haven't had any major content updates in recent updates. Salt here , salt there , salt everywhere! Whilst the salt has been thrown over the place the staff team has been hard at work and there may or may not be something big on the horizon :p


Raid #1

This gang has been getting their work done these last few weeks. I hope you guys enjoy this 3min raid montage of an OP raid on valron planet as much as i did!

Raid #2

Coming from the same gang on valron planet , this is another OP raid on a tier 4 cell.

30+ players were involved in this raid, that takes some serious organisation! Enjoy the awesome edit and music!

Guard vs players?!

Will he survive?

Ryan has decided to see if he could kill a guard with only a wooden sword. I'd be scared to risk my godset to even try it! Watch his effort below to find out if he lives or dies!

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Want to show off your own clips, memes or anything for the community to see? Make sure you send your...
Greetings Prisoners,

The staff team and our dev @melsha have worked tirelessly to bring this weeks update. Here’s a list of what you have to look forward to after your planets reboot today!

  • Item Name Tag Conformation
  • Raiding updates
  • Powerball revamp
  • /g tag
  • Bug fixes and QOL updates

Item Name Tag Conformation
What is that you say, no longer will you mess up when renaming those god pieces you have put so much work into. Now upon renaming your item you will be given a visible confirmation showing you what the item will be renamed to. This will mean that you can make it perfect before it is set in stone.​

Raid updates
Tier 5 cells have recently been under attack from diamonds! With this update if you try to raid a cell and are wearing armor above the allowed tier for that cell the guards will one-shot your overload!​

Do you feel like you did the most in the raid? Well now it's time to prove it! No more smack talk of who did more now you can show it with pride! After a raid has been completed you will notice something new in the chat. Anybody who participated in the raid will see who dealt the most damage to the cell guards.​


Powerball Revamp

As we all know powerball left us feeling a little down with this elite enchant it simply wasn’t living up to it’s tier! Powerball now has a chance to randomly proc while mining as well you will still be able to manually activate it! Do not worry this does not mean you players with potatoes for computers will need to worry, the powerball animation is now only visible to the player using it!​

/g tag
Ever forgotten who was...​
Greetings Prisoners,

Another busy week from behind the scenes and I am super stoked to bring you some awesome updates this weekend. Here's what you have to look forward to after your planets reboot today!

  • Falling contrabands
  • Spawn meteor hologram
  • Cell expiration timer
  • Enchant Limit on rank kits
  • /generators
  • Kill Scoreboard
  • Bugs Fixes & QOL

Falling Contrabands
Yes you heard me right! Contrabands are falling from the sky! You are going to want to go searching for these bad boys, mining one of them will instantly open up the contraband and give you that sweet sweet loot! Just like meteorites they will fall randomly from the sky.​

Spawn Meteor hologram
With the recent addition of /meteortimer for top ranks, the rest have felt a little bit left out. Worry no more! After today's reboots you will now see a nifty little hologram at spawn telling you when the last meteor fell!​


Cell Expiration Timer
We have heard the cries, you guys asked for it and here it is. With this handy timer, you will be able to see how long a cell has left before it goes back on the market to be purchased. Simply hover over a cell currently owned and it will display how long until it's available!​


Rank Kit Changes
With the recent addition of Rank Kits the staff team has been working none stop to try to make the rank kits more balanced, with this change each rank of kit gear will have a cap of the max level it can be enchanted too. They are as follows:​

Rank 1 - Level 6 max​