Greetings Prisoners!

It's the moment you have all been waiting for, World Wars!

Monday thru Thursday
, Players on Valron & Zyphon will fight to keep their planet alive. The losing planets will be absorbed by the winning planet! Only one can prevail!

So how do you support your planet?
Players will work to gain shards through mining ores, completing /quests & purchasing them via the Cosmic General at spawn (1,000,000 per Aether Shard). Aether Shards are deposited into your planets fund through the Cosmic General NPC at spawn. The planet with the most shards at the end wins!

Thursday afternoon Prisoners can look forward to the winning announcement

Want to see how your planet is doing in the /war efforts? Type /war and watch for regular updates in the chat!
What if players have ranks/gkits on more than one planet?
Fear not!

Those with ranks on either Valron or Zyphon will keep their rank on the winning planet. If players have a rank on multiple planets, they can look forward to receiving a rank note on the winning planet for the lesser of the two ranks (their highest rank will be carried to the winning planet).

/gkit and /qkits
Players will have access to all gkits/qkits they currently hold. If you have Vulkarion on one and Slaughter on the other, you will have both on the winning planet. Gkit beacons will be provided if you have the same gkit on multiple.

Showcases will be transferred to the winning planet (Even if you have a full showcase on both planets)

PV, Home & Showcase Expansions
These will all be transferred to the winning planet also. (Note: Expansions will not go over the allowed limit, this...
Greetings Prisoners!

War is in the air! But before we start sharpening our swords and prepping for battle lets take a look at what we have in store for you this week live on your planets now!
  • Blacksmith /gkit
  • Cell Perms GUI
  • Evil Guards Loot Table
  • 35% Off Sale
Blacksmith /gkit
A long time requested /gkit this kit is sure to give you that one up you need when creating your godset!
Here is a look at what this /gkit has to offer
6-12x Random Mystery Enchantment Books to create your godset!
5-10x Random Pages to increase your Enchant Books chances of success!
1-3x Blackscrolls (80% - 100%) or Whitescrolls to help craft your sets!
Random Armor piece with 3 enchantments!
600,000 - 1,200,000 Cosmic Energy
Cell Perms GUI
Another highly requested addition to the server is coming this week! A nice convenient way to view and add permissions for players in your cell! The cell perms gui gives you a nice organised view of everyone that has access to your cell.
With this we have also made 2 other small additions to make cell owners lives a little easier!
  • You can now tab IGN's when adding a player to your cell with /cell perms add IGN
  • Added the AFK role which gives the account the abillity to afk and gen ores
Note: Players we have notices a few players were confused over the break permission. This perm gives players the ability to break all blocks within your cell! Granting a player this permission also grants them the ability to access chests and doors within your cell! Be careful who you grant this permission too!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 39th installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Christmas Parkour Event Coming Soon!

From the 19th to the 23rd there will be a massive Christmas themed parkour event taking across all planets! Its a 6 stage parkour that gets harder and harder each section! Each section has a chest prize for the first player to complete it and there are also 3 end chests filled with OP loot! This is the event you definitely don't want to miss!



Largest Crate Opening Ever!

@KingClarkPrisons from the Sahara Planet brings us the largest crate opening ever recorded on Cosmic Prisons in one video! If your like me and need your fix of loot openings, this is for sure the video to watch this week!


Most players at outpost at one time!

This week on the Sovereign Planet I hosted a cat “n” mouse event at the trainee outpost. Players fight to land the final hit on me at a chance at winning a December Cosmic Crate! We had over 100+ players on /near fighting it out! Be sure to keep your eyes out for events taking place on your planet! It's a great way to score some free loot and it's fun too!



Testing out the new Godly Enchant!

@Tyler99999999922 is back at it again this week with a...
Greetings Prisoners

The weeks are closing in the times are getting chillier but we aren’t slowing down! Here's what you have to look forward to upon your planet reboot today:
  • December /cc
  • 3 Brand New Raiding Enchants
  • Cell Permissions
  • Trainee Outpost Update
  • 35% Off Sale
December /cc
A Cosmic Crate guaranteed to not disappoint! Packed with many OP goodies from 10% Charge Orbs to extra CC’s and energy the December /cc will not disappoint you!
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacker with only the best of the best loot, you are guaranteed to get the following: Custom Titles, 64-128 Legendary or Godly Shards, 1x Enchant Book Bundle, 10-15x Legendary Pages, 3x Mystery Contrabands, 1-3x 10% Charge Orbs, 2-6x Fractured Gkit Flares, 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 Cosmic Energy, December 2017 Cosmic Crate You will also receive one of the following bonus items: Heroic Cosmic Crate, Random Gkit Beacon or a Black Friday 2018 Cosmic Crate.

Brand New Raiding Enchants
Who doesn’t love some new enchants? Well, this week we are releasing 3 brand new raiding enchants! These are sure to change the game on how cells are raided!​

Name: Fatty
Type: Armour
Max Level: 3
Rarity: Ultimate
Partially negates and reflects damage reduction from cell guards

Name: Guard Reflect
Type: Armour
Max Level: 3
Rarity: Ultimate
Reflects incoming damage from cell guards

Name: Fair Fight
Type: Armour
Max Level: 10
Rarity: Legendary
Decreases the...​
Greetings Prisoners!

Tis the season! With the holidays just around the corner, we are warming up to a great month here on the server! Here's what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today:
  • New Outpost Builds
  • Christmas Themed Builds
  • Bug and QOL
  • 30% Off Sale
New Outpost Builds
We all love the Outposts and this week we have given them a well needed revamp! Each outpost will be sporting a brand new spacious and futuristic looking build. With vast amounts of space and places to hide, it's a perfect place for those massive battles over outposts to take place! Make sure you check them out!

Christmas Themed Spawn
This weekend we enter December and it's time to set up the decorations! The Christmas themed spawns, tutorials & hubs will be rolling out over the weekend, to get everyone in the spirit of the holiday season!

Bug and QOL
  • Mystery Man time corrected to fit daylight savings time change
  • Powerball on iron pickaxes no longer works on emerald ore
  • Any form of teleporting will now cancel any other commands (/jet)
  • An issue causing the inspector to class fences as blocks you can stand on when they should not be considered has been fixed.
  • Some situations where a cell guard did not return to its spawn location has been fixed
In celebration of this weeks update, we are throwing a 30% Off Sale on the...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 38th installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Emerald Satchel from a contraband!?!?!

@AssassinPlayzYT from the Ulu planet needs to go and buy himself a lottery ticket this week! He was opening a contraband for his latest youtube episode and opened an Emerald Satchel! Satchels are one of the must have items for the true miners out there, saving them so much time and money stashing all their ores in one place. I bet he's gonna get some nice trade offers for it! Check out his reaction below!


50+ Hero Outpost War!

On past Community Columns we covered what was the largest outpost fight of over 30 players. But today, @ItsPluto brings us his perspective of 2 rival gangs of upwards of 50 players duking it out for the oh so juicy hero outpost rewards! Its great to see the recent influx of new gkits going to great use!


The beginner life on Cosmic Prisons

@Flurpledur has jumped back on board his prisons adventure this week, starting out his brand new series on the Sovereign Planet. He ran through the tutorial section, where he was reintroduced to old and new changes since he last played. Its great to see players take on the tutorial and start their journey in the right direction. Do you guys and gals think the tutorial has helped you? Or a friend that's new to the server? If so, or if not comment something below you...
Greetings Prisoners!

It has been a crazy week here on Prisons and you have all been waiting for it and it is here! The biggest sale of the year! For the next 24 hours only players can take advantage of a HUGE 60% Off Sale on the entire Server Store!

You know the drill, here is a gif of a cat to help you celebrate!
Greetings Prisoners!

What a busy time of the year and it's only going to get busier from here. We now begin the leadup to December and towards the jolly time of Christmas. But before we get into the festive season it's time for Black Friday!

That's right for the next 24 hours only you can take advantage of a gigantic 55% Off on our Server Store! Don't forget that we also have Gift Cards on the store for this weekend only at 20% Off as well!

With every purchase of the $100 Gift Card, you will receive a free Heroic Mystery /cc
With every purchase of the $250 Gift Card, you will receive a free Black Friday 2018 /cc

Giftcards are received by email and operate just like any other giftcard. Simply enter the code you receive in the "Redeem coupons/gift cards" space on the Checkout screen of the Server Store and click "Redeem".

Giftcards are capable of maintaining a balance, so if your purchase is less than the amount you have available on your giftcard you'll be able to come back and use the remainder at a later date!

IMPORTANT: Your GiftCard will be emailed to the email affiliated to your PayPal transaction. The email you list there is where your gift card will show up. Make sure that your email when checking out is accurate!
Greetings Prisoners

Thanksgiving is here! Time to prepare your body for that amazing meal and spend time with family and friends! But we aren't stopping here on Prisons! From a brand new CC to Cosmic Prisons first Godly enchant! Here's what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today:
  • Black Friday /cc
  • Heroic Cosmic Crate updated
  • 2 Brand New Enchants
  • 20% Off Gift Cards and Gift Card Bonus Items
  • Mass Unban
  • Bug and QOL Fixes
  • 45% Off Thanksgiving Sale
Black Friday /cc
The literal best of the best this crate is guaranteed to give you that one up you need! Guarnteeing you at least 2 extra /cc's and hosting currently the only way to obtain the brand new Warp Miner enchant!
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacked with only the best of the best loot, you are guaranteed to get the following: Custom Titles, 128-256x Godly Shards, 6x 100% Black Scrolls, 1-2 Enchantment Book Bundles, 1x Ares, Grim Reaper and Executioner Gkit Flare, a Random Gkit Beacon, a Satchel (tiered to your mining level), Heroic Cosmic Crate and a Black Friday 2017 Cosmic Crate. You will also receive one of the following bonus items: 10,000,000 Cosmic Energy, Warp Miner Enchant or a November 2018 Cosmic Crate.

Heroic Cosmic Crate updated
It's been requested many of times and so your wish is our command! The Heroic Cosmic Crate can now grant you any one of the following Cosmic Crates including the brand new Black Friday 2018 /cc and for this weekend only we have re-released it on the server store for you to grab up!

2 Brand New Enchants
This week we are realising 2 brand new enchants, one of which introduces our first Godly Enchant rarity!​

Greetings Prisoners

Another week and another update and boy have we got a hype one for you this week! Here is what you have to look forward to live on your planet now!
  • Executioner /gkit
  • 5 New Enchants
  • Axe Changes
  • Halloween Unban Poll Results
  • 30% Off Sale
Executioner /gkit

The original owner was said to be a corrupt executioner, who said stripped of his armor and banished. Sporting all 5 of the new enchants this /gkit is sure to crush any foe who dares to challenge you!
Here is a look at what this /gkit has to offer!


Titan Blood

Titan Blood
Elemental Mastery


Bonus item:
Monster Hunter Level 3+ Book

5 Brand New Enchants
This week we are releasing 5 brand new enchants into the mix 4 of which are for axes! From an enchant which marks your enemy for death to one that can deal twice as much damage to Pit guards!

Name: Chivalry
Type: Armour
Max Level: 3
Rarity: Ultimate
The lower your health, the less durability damage you receive.

Name: Monster Hunter
Type: Axe
Max Level: 10
Rarity: Elite
Deal more damage to aggressive monsters. (Currently PvP Pit Guards only)

Name: Impact
Type: Axe
Max Level: 3
Rarity: Ultimate...